Last week, I went to Alberta to attend several ordinations. Congrats to Frs. Marc (Edmonton), Angelo (Calgary), and Raul (Calgary)! I was also able to be a deacon at the altar for Marc’s ordination and his first Mass, so that was super cool.

While I was there, I picked up my new MacBook. It’s meant to replace both my desktop and laptop computers. I got the 2.0GHz version, since it was the cheapest one to come with a DVD burner. I added some RAM (total 1GB) and also bought the academic version of Logic Express, which is a fairly full-featured, multitrack recording studio application. I also picked up a cheap USB hub and some adapters to make my old keyboard and mouse work with the new machine.

I’m liking it fairly well so far. The operating system, OS X Tiger, is very slick and pretty intuitive. Apple likes to include lots of little animations “because they can”.

In other super-cool news, I assisted at my first wedding today as a deacon. It went pretty smoothly (had a minor mix-up with chairs at the very beginning, but I think few people noticed). It was actually quite a full day, liturgy-wise, as I helped out at a funeral Mass in the morning and then had the wedding in the afternoon. Those are two very opposite ends of the emotional spectrum, to be sure, and yet that is what I find so incredible about being in ministry: that I enter into the midst of the lives of the people of God, to be at their service, especially during those most important moments.

Here are some photos:
1. How the new deacon keeps track of everything that needs to be done at a liturgy: thank you, 3M! (In this case, it’s a note telling me where the couple should be at that moment of the liturgy.)
2. The new MacBook. The case is actually white, but the room lighting was doing fun things to my camera’s sensors.
3. The MacBook, hooked up to my monitor and keyboard as though it were a desktop machine. I’ll probably get (or make) a little stand so it’ll fit under the monitor and save some desk space.
4. The MacBook has a nifty feature where the desktop can be expanded to cover 2 screens. I haven’t really used it much, however, since the external monitor is much higher up than the MacBook.
5. The MacBook’s remote control. It can be used for music, DVDs, browsing photos, and viewing videos I have saved to my hard drive. I like the little zoom-out effect that happens with the desktop when I press the “Menu” button. :-)

Until next time, keep fit and have fun!

8 thoughts on “MacBook’d!!

  1. Cool toy!!! What’s your favourite thing about it so far? Is there anything you’re not liking?

    Sooo, I gots myself a milk frother!!! It’s not a steamer, it’s run on batteries, but my coffee is perfect coffee, now!!! I love it to pieces!! The little dealie goes ‘whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrr’ and the milk is frothed! Like magic! (but not). Mmmmmmm…soooo goooood…..mmmm.

    Talk with you later! Peace.

  2. And that’s a spiffy looking desk you have there. Is that a (1980’s era) TV in the background? I wish I had a TV in my office.

  3. Oooh, my tvs in my office are newer than that. well, okay, one is probably 70s (and weighs about as much too), but the other two are recent. Do you have a vhs/dvd player? i do, but the person who donated the dvd player didn’t leave a remote control, so it’s basically useless (there aren’t any buttons that are relevant to the tast of choosing play on the dvd player).

    anyway. you should give us a photo tour of where abouts you’re working!

  4. Hey Jane! Thanks… I’m really liking how my hardware has, more or less, worked well with the new machine. It was a bit of a struggle with Linux at times, though I still really like that operating system. I also like how intuitive OS X is for most things.

    The main frustrations at this point are some apps that I’d like to use that aren’t available for the Intel Macintosh just yet (Windows Media Player 10, for starters… some videos require that; VLC doesn’t always work with them). I also had a weird situation yesterday where my USB ports suddenly stopped working. I’m thinking my printer may have something to do with that, though – the driver I’m using is dated from 2004, and Samsung hasn’t been updating their Mac drivers. It can be a bit touch and go whether it decides to print or not. I’m seriously thinking of selling this printer to someone who uses Windows (it’s a nice laser printer) and finding something that has good Mac drivers… and maybe even a built-in scanner, to save on USB ports and desk space (this would also mean selling my scanner). Printers have gotten quite cheap lately.

    Andy: Yup, it’s an RCA TV from at least the 1980s. The remote has 6 buttons on it, and the size of the thing is probably 10 times that of my MacBook’s remote. :-)

  5. Hey Darryl,

    I don’t know if you remember me from the CCO forums or not, but Hi!

    Congrats on the sexy new computer. I hope you’re enjoying it. It is, in my not so humble opinion, the nicest computer on the planet right now. The inlaid keyboard, the magnetic power adapter, the latchless enclosure with the built in iSight… oooh I love it!

    Regarding Windows Media, I think you can still find a copy floating around the net of 9, if not 10. Let me know if you have trouble and I’ll help you out. My e-mail is first name at last name dot ca .

    If you have any other Mac like questions, let me know. I’m a fanatic and know a fair deal.

    You mention Linux. Are you thinking of installing Parallel’s Desktop and running Linux virtually?


  6. Hey David,

    Thanks! I’m enjoying the MacBook so far. While I’m at my desk, I tend to use it more like a desktop machine – I have the lid closed and underneath a raised platform, and then an external monitor is on the platform. I am also using an external mouse and keyboard.

    I had been running Linux exclusively since early 2003 after getting too annoyed with Windows. It’s a great system (I ran SUSE Linux for most of it), though it was time for an upgrade and I was wanting something that was a little more compatible with external devices. If Linux supports a device, it’s great, but if a manufacturer refuses to release drivers or specifications for something, then it can be touch and go as to whether the device works or not. The Mac seems a bit better in that regard, although, curiously, Samsung’s printers have better Linux drivers than Mac drivers! So I had to pick up a new printer.

    I will be running OS X on this machine exclusively. Most applications that I would use in Linux (, The GIMP, etc.) are available for the Mac as well.

    Right now, the Windows Media Player offered on Microsoft’s web site (as well as the Flip4Mac) are for PowerPC only. I did install WMP9 but it doesn’t really work that reliably under Rosetta.

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