Last night (May 29) I was ordained a deacon for the Diocese of Saskatoon by Bishop Albert LeGatt in my internship parish at Macklin. I’ve been posted at St. Paul’s Cathedral in Saskatoon for the summer.

What do I say about that… it’s still somewhat surreal. I have never been more excited or nervous (!) for anything before. It was an incredible, overwhelming, and beautiful celebration, and in many ways it is still sinking in. I keep thinking, “Woah – I’m a deacon!” And it’s a pretty amazing feeling.

It’s quite wonderful and, as I said, surreal, to know that at some fundamental level I am changed for ever (as in eternity).

What a night.

I hope to have some photos up soon, but Elaine has several up on her blog, so check them out!

9 thoughts on “Deacon

  1. Hey Deacon Darryl,

    Once again Congratulations! It was a wonderful celebration.

    All I can do is echo your sentiments. It is indeed surreal. And I also have never really been so nervous and excited at the same time.

    Deacon Jeffery

  2. Yeahhhhh!!! Congratulations!!!!!!
    And I’m not an “orphan” in the city anymore, there’s another Millette here now!!!
    Yeah guys, check out the pics @ my site!

  3. Yay on Mr. Rev. Mr. Millette! Ha. That’s kinda amusing. I should send you a letter like that. :D.

    Congrats, Darryl.

  4. Congratulation Darryl. I mean, Decon Darryl. ;)

    One thing though (and I’m sure you know this what with all your seminary studies; it probably just slipped your mind). We are all at a fundamental level changed forever (as in eternity) at baptism and that eternal seal is placed on us at confirmation. The thing is, most of us aren’t aware of it happening at baptism ’cause we were only babies. I’m sure if you ask an adult convert about being fundamentally changed for eternity (and how surreal it feels), he or she will concur. And I don’t know about you, but when I was confirmed I didn’t realize the importance and eternal consequences of the sacrament. You know, it’s that whole “familiarity breeds contempt” maxim. So now you have a new experience of being changed for eternity that you are fully aware of. And all you can say is, “woah”. Good. That is the normal response. I’m saying “woah” with you, but mine is the experience of an outsider observing and trying to understand. Only another ordained minister can hope to know what you’re feeling (I say hope to know because everyone is different and reacts in their own way to the same event). Still, “woah” is a good way of putting it. Me, I’ll be seriously saying “woah” when you’re ordained a priest and I have to call you “Father”. Yikes! And I’m older than you (by only slightly over a month but still…)

    Again, congratulations Decon Darryl!

  5. Hey Katherine! How are things out in NYC?

    Baptism and confirmation are pretty “woah” amazing! New, eternal character! That’s super cool. When I was mentioning the ontological change at holy orders, it was in no way intended to ignore the profound, eternal character imprinted at baptism and confirmation. Rather, it was to simply celebrate the change at holy orders… which causes me to say, “woah!”

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