Hey everyone. I finished my jurisdiction exam last Friday and arrived in Nipawin on Saturday evening for some R&R. I’ll be here until the end of the week and will then head to Edmonton (via Saskatoon) for my canonical retreat. So, I won’t be on the web all that often in the next few weeks.



2 thoughts on “Away

  1. Sooo, you’re away, are you? Fine then. Go be away. Oooh, something you might be interested in, I was taking the metrolink (a train like the metro underground, but overground) to Orange to get to a diocesan meeting, and it goes through Anaheim. There on one massive poster on a stadium did it say ‘Stanley Cup Finals’ on it. So, apparently the Stanley Cup Finals are in Anaheim? I wish I could have been following the season more closely. Oh well. They don’t seem to relish the frozen sports here.

  2. Well… the playoffs have just over 2 rounds to go (so no finals yet), but if Anaheim keeps playing the way they are, I could see them in the finals. They blew by Calgary in the last two games of that series :-( and are in the process of possibly sweeping Colorado.

    Edmonton played extremely well last night and beat San Jose in triple overtime. I was up late. Great game, though!

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