Well… it is Easter, so I figured I may as well take the day off. So I put together an electret condenser microphone from some parts that I’ve been slowly accumulating. It uses a Panasonic omnidirectional WM-61A microphone module and a (slightly modified) circuit that I found on the internet. I built the circuit and fit it all (with a bunch of foam) into the casing from cheap karaoke microphone I picked up from eBay.

Update: You can download a short mp3 demo of the mic here. It is noisy in my room and the mic itself is a tad noisy when you turn up the gain, so I’ve done a bit of noise removal on the file. Since the mic is intended to record loud instruments (such as drums), this shouldn’t be too much of a problem normally. Did I mention the mic module was worth $2? :-)

I have some photos below.

1. The circuit board, XLR connector, and microphone module. It was a struggle getting the circuit to fit in the microphone casing!
2. A closer view of the circuit.
3. The circuit, wrapped in plastic and then in aluminum foil (to help shield it). It still seems pretty susceptible to electrostatic discharges nearby, though…
4. Stuffing foam from a sponge into the casing.
5. Another view of the foam. I fit almost the entire sponge into the casing. :-)
6. The microphone on the mic stand in the chapel.
7. Me pretending to sing into the mic.


5 thoughts on “Microphone’d!!

  1. Happy Easter Darryl! Fiesta fiesta fiesta!!!

    That’s pretty funky that you wrought your own mic! Sounds like it was a project that really captured all your attention :). Looks good; and I must say, your fake singing looks quite realistic too ;).

  2. Yeah.. hehe. Ignore the wrong notes ‘n stuff (holy crap; I go way sharp at one point), and it probably does sound pretty good. :-)

  3. Darryl are you sure we are even RELATED?!?!
    BTW, mom wants to know when you are going home this summer so she can start planning another big family shin-dig. Too bad you’ll miss Marie’s baptism this Sunday! We’ll take tons of pictures!

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