Solemnity of St. Joseph, Husband of Mary – Vespers

Woah! Two updates in as many days! What’s going on?!

The music from the Vespers service last night is now up. I’m especially pleased with the intercessions (Misere Nobis by Bob Hurd, with some additional verses by Fr. David Tumback, led by Aaron Roth). I really wish I had a microphone at the back to capture the sound from the packed chapel, though. It was really impressive to hear all those people singing. And I should have used my microphone for the choir instead of the regular one, since it added a bit of noise to the signal. But overall, it’s not bad for a quick, live recording. Michael, Carlos, Nonso, and Aaron all did a great job of singing, and Archbishop Collins preached very well, as per usual.

Get all of the files here, in MP3 format.

4 thoughts on “Solemnity of St. Joseph, Husband of Mary – Vespers

  1. Heehee, i think it’s sunny how you sound surprised yourself that there’s another update so soon. i sure was :D

    So i heard your prophets paper was finished early, only 2:30-ish? not bad, not bad ;)

  2. well.. 2:30 if you are an hour west of the Pacific time zone, unfortunately (so, 4:30am local time).

    I’m tired.

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