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While working on a few assignments, I also took some time to see if I could get together equipment to do some live recording of special seminary and college events, like the St. Joseph Feast day Mass and Vespers, and Convocation. We’ve got some amazing singers and musicians here and I’d really like to get a decent recording of these events!

So I took the preamp I built at Christmas and attached a couple of cheap Radio Shack electret condenser capsules to it. Then I put the unit in an old speaker cover, filled it with foam packing peanuts, glued a plastic tube to the back, and snaked the output cables through the tube. There’s also an exterior clip for the 9V battery and a on/off pushbutton. It works ok, though the electret capsules are really cheap and they do not record high frequencies very well at all.

I went to the chapel tonight and did a test recording of “Holy is His Name” with my homebrew microphone. I then did a recording of “O God Beyond All Praising” with my Shure SM57, though I probably didn’t have it placed in the correct spot. Go here for the recordings.

The photos below are:
1. The new mixer unit. It’s a Behringer Eurorack UB1002.
2. My homemade stereo electret microphone.
3. The back of the microphone. No home project is complete without duct tape!

Behringer Eurorack UB1002
Stereo electret microphone
Back of the stereo electret microphone