Hello! Long time no post, eh? Well.. what’s happened since mid-January… The Canadian women’s hockey team defended their gold medal. Unfortunately, the men just lost the quarter-final game to Russia. We will now have a moment of silence for them.

In other news, I was admitted as a candidate this past weekend at Our Lady of Lourdes parish in Saskatoon. From Aaron’s page, candidacy is
“[a] major step in the journey of becoming a priest; candidacy is celebrated when it is clear that the seminarian is committed to the completion of his studies for Holy Orders. The rite includes a public statement, similar to an announcement of the banns of marriage, in which the seminarian presents himself as a candidate for the Holy Orders. The seminarian submits a letter of petition to the bishop, who grants approval of the petition affirming that he has no reservations in the candidate. Candidacy is the final step before a seminarian receives ordination to the deaconate and the priesthood.”

That was a great celebration! Anyone get any photos? Other celebrations during this reading week include Victor’s installation to the ministry of acolyte, Raul and Angelo’s ordinations to the deaconate, and Aaron’s and Lee’s installations to the ministry of reader. Am I missing anybody?

2Ï€f Studios is moving along as well, as I picked up a reasonably cheap mixer board yesterday. It has 2 microphone inputs and 4 stereo line-level inputs. If I were to have a condenser microphone, it can provide phantom power, and if I had an effects panel, the board has auxiliary inputs/outputs. It can also handle tape-level input and output. It’d be cool now to build a simple electret omnidirectional boundary mic. I think I have an electret module kicking around somewhere and simple interface circuits schematics are available online. Also, if anyone wants to give me a nice condenser mic, that’d be cool. And a MacBook Pro, while you’re at it. :-)

BTW, if you want to check out whatever recording I’m working on, I tend to keep files in

Until next time, keep your stick on the ice! Unless you are part of the Canadian men’s hockey team, that is. :-(

2 thoughts on “Candidate’d!!

  1. Hey Darryl “Carey Landry” Millette! Nice job on “You have been baptized …” Now, I understand the search for the mixer and pre-amp! :-) (By the way, I found a Shure M267 Field Mixer on ebay for US$56. Good price for a decent professional mixer – switchable line/mic inputs on the back using cannon plugs. Used to use these a fair bit and they take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’)

    Did you overdub the music tracks or record ’em live at the same time? I have Cool Edit Pro if you wanna get fancy. Also, just heard the tambourine at the end – was it there all the way through?

    Today, it’s St. Joe’s Chapel; tomorrow, it will be the Sistine Chapel!

    Pax on ya!

  2. Hehe. Thanks for the comments, Wayne! Actually, I think I’m ok now for preamps and such. I went down to Long & McQuade today and brought back the Alto mixer board I bought earlier this week and took a Behringer UB1002 instead. I was having too many noise issues with the Alto board, unfortunately. However, the Behringer’s builtin preamps perform very nicely. I’m already thinking about what I could possibly do to record music from events like our St. Joseph celebrations on March 20 or at convocation next October. I did find a couple of electret capsules kicking around my room so I may yet make myself a small stereo mic. We’ll see.

    For the recording of You Have Been Baptized in Christ, each track was recorded separately. Andrew did 3 guitar tracks, Travis did a guitar track (listen closely to the right side), and I did the piano, shaker, MIDI bass, and vocals. Unfortunately, Andrew’s guitar tracks had a fair bit of noise on them because I didn’t have a preamp yet. I used a homemade preamp for the other tracks, but there were still some noise issues. I used an Audacity plugin to clean up the noise, but that likely robbed the tracks of some quality. The piano was brought in directly from my keyboard’s output, so that didn’t need much processing besides some EQ. I’m not incredibly happy with the bass track, since I really really wanted a real bass guitar instead of the lower quality MIDI track.

    I have been using the free Audacity thus far ( for multitrack editing, but I think I may switch to something like Ardour ( It’s also free but seems to be a bit more stable. Audacity is easy to use and flexible, but I was having crashing problems with my laptop. It does work very well in Linux, however.

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