I’m about to reboot my computer for the first time in 37 days, 14 hours, and 35 minutes. A Linux kernel update requires the reboot, unfortunately. What’s the longest you’ve gone between reboots? I remember my uptime hitting the 40s at one point on my desktop machine. I’ve also had a simple Linux firewall that ran continuously for 100+ days before we had a power outage.

In other news, my papers are done! I have a couple of smaller assignments, a take-home exam, and the rest of my final exams. Gal. 5.1!

5 thoughts on “Uptime

  1. Pfft. Show off! ;-)

    So, longest without a reboot? Not sure. Probably not that long. I usually ended up doing a kernel update sooner, or just rebooting because it was easier than figuring out which services needed to be stopped or started, or something like that. And now that I no longer use linux, it’s just whenever an update from Apple requires it (more often than needed….).

  2. if I’m lucky, I can go thru one day without a reboot but usually I’m not that lucky. Me & computers- don’t mix!!
    And Darryl, answer your emails eh!

  3. oooh! we just had a heliocopter land in our parking lot! excitement!

    and I hope you had (are having) a very merry birthday Darryl! have lots of beer with the guys? Were you a bunch of…*raises eyebrows* Merry Men? ;) So long as you all forwent the tights. Hope you had a blast!

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