Sick != Good

It kinda sucks to be sick. The past couple of days have involved mostly sleeping, reading some Shillebeeckx for a paper, and some Deep Space Nine. It’s hard to characterize this particular bug that’s going around. Most people (myself included) experience a general tiredness, sore throat, and headache of some sort. Needless to say, this is not the best time in the semester for this to happen, but what can you do.

One neat thing I discovered while surfing was a set of sound samples of different choir styles that can be used in MIDI compositions. The price of these samples is well out of my range ($299.95 USD). But, there are some demos in mp3 format that must be heard to be believed. It’s incredible to think that the choirs in these files are samples! That is, someone created music on their computer and programmed these samples in there… and I cannot tell them apart from a real choir. The music in the demos is pretty much in the standard Hollywood Scary Movie Trailer Style (TM).

Click here to go to the site. There are two MP3 demo files. Caution: they are somewhat large (11.2 and 11.3 megabytes).

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