Registered for next semester

Hello to all of you people who read this. Well, I am done my research papers (Johannine Literature was handed in on Monday) and just have a couple of smaller preaching assignments to do before finals.

So, today I registered for next semester. I’ll be taking Theology of Hebrew Scriptures, Early Church History, Christianity & World Religions, Theological Anthropology, and Introduction to Moral Theology.

Also – I have added stuff to the “About Me” section.

Come on fhqwhgads!

4 thoughts on “Registered for next semester

  1. Hee hee. fhqwhgads.

    I actually noticed that Darryl updated his site on my own this time (i.e. without his actively telling me)! I feel special.

    I’ve got Early Church History, Christianity & World Religions, and Theological Anthropology too. Fun fun fun. I also have Luke & Acts. My Intro to Moral Theology and Old Testament courses transfered over from my studies in Ottawa.

  2. Hey Darryl!

    How’s it going big bro?
    Things here are ok…crazy but good
    looking forward to CHRISTmas :)
    Just wanted to say a good ol HELLO
    Big hugs sent your way
    Happy bday and Merry CHRISTmas

  3. Big Bro?
    I don’t recall having a sister named Anna-Marie. Unless… Of course! Darryl isn’t my real brother but was adopted. That explains a lot. heehee

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