Semester’s in full swing

Wowsers. It’s been almost a month since my last update! Well, I’ve moved in and classes are going well, though they keep me pretty busy. I’m also redesigning the St. Joseph Seminary web site, so look for big changes there soon. I also now have a cell phone, so if you’d like the number, send me an email.

St. Joseph Seminary
Look!  My bed is made!
My desk is not *really* that clean.
For those of you who’ve never been here, here are some photos of St. Joseph Seminary. And look at how clean my room is! Or was, at least when the photos were taken…

Until next time, keep fit and have fun!

12 thoughts on “Semester’s in full swing

  1. Holy updates, Batman! I can see your room in all those pictures!

    Yeah, I guess I should update a bit some day soon too. Someday. We’ll see how exciting classes are this week….

  2. Wow, your room is awfully plain, Darryl! Are you allowed posters and pictures and things, or are you aiming for plain & monastic?

  3. Hehe. There is actually more on the walls ‘n stuff, but I was taking these with the thought that I may use them as promo photos on the new SJS web site I’m working on. I’ll probably need to take another photo of the bed (or of someone else’s), since the quilt in the photo is my own and not from the seminary.

    Also note the constrained angles / lack of floorspace shown in the photos. I, uh, had some/a lot of stuff on the floor just outside of the camera’s range. :-)

  4. Um, ok. Apparently Opera (my web browser) is attempting to make me go crazy. It put the header graphic from another site I was at into the header here. Honest!

  5. Wow that sure is clean… almost inspiring…. almost.

    School is definitely getting serious for me too… I should be writing a paper, but here I am browsing instead.

    Gonna bake pumpkin pie tomorrow. What are you guys doing to celebrate Thanksgiving?

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