Moved in (sorta)

I’ve now moved in… sorta. I need to keep trying to find my floor (ie. unpacking). My 2 weeks off were very nice as well. I was in Regina for a bit, staying at Chad’s place. It had been a couple of years, so it was really nice to be there for a bit. And their toddler really likes gadgets and really moves quick.

I then went home for the rest of the break. It was good. And now I’m back at the seminary in Edmonton.

Oh – I’ve just upgraded to the latest WordPress (1.5.2), so if you notice any problems, let me know.

3 thoughts on “Moved in (sorta)

  1. I can’t believe they put us at almost opposite ends of the seminary. How are we supposed to put together a tin-can-phone like this? (Well, I suppose we could use some sort of pully system…)

  2. We all sure miss you here in Macklin.
    Things just aren’t the same since you’ve left, but I am glad to hear that you had a nice break.
    I need some advice and help on that router(sp?) for the office.

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