For the record, the people of Macklin/Denzil/St. Donatus/Luseland have been very, very good to me this year. So it’s with mixed feelings that I pack to leave. My room is a mess right now. Elaine already has 4 boxes of my books, plus my hockey equipment and roller blades. I have more books, files, technology, clothes, and other odds and ends to pack up. I’m trying to find my floor at the moment…

I’m beginning to wonder if I was hit with a power surge or just have had some bad luck. My old workhorse CD burner (an HP 8250i) has died as well. It would randomly stop ejecting the tray and an amber or red warning/error light would come on. A drive that doesn’t eject is rather useless, unfortunately. It is about 5 or 6 years old, though, so I suppose I got a fair bit of good use out of it. I’m thinking that I’ll probably order a new DVD burner from when I get to Edmonton. They can be had for about $60 on special.

Also: I really want Matt Maher’s The End and the Beginning and the musical notation for some of his original songs. Elaine lent me her CD — it’s great music!

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  1. Hey Andy, at least you are consistent. :) I can still hear in my mind how you said “I want one,” when we were chatting about it once.

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