New motherboard and case installed!

Yay! I’m typing this from my new motherboard and case. It seems to be stable this time around. However, the case outlet fan is very loud and I think I’ll end up replacing it and/or throttling it down.

Also, the CPU temperature is a little higher than it was before. When I first installed the CPU (an Athlon XP 2000+), the heatsink had this phase-change sludge on it and it was able to cool the chip to the low 40s degrees Celcius. I had to remove the phase-change stuff because it can only be used once, and I replaced it with some thermal conductive paste. Now the CPU runs at just over 50 degrees Celcius. I do notice that if the cover of the case is off, the CPU cools down by a few degrees, so there may be a slight airflow issue. I might replace the ribbon IDE cables with round ones so the air moves better.

Oh, BTW: if you are trying to hook up a case fan, DON’T confuse the black and yellow leads! I, uh, let the magic smoke out of one fan this afternoon.

2 thoughts on “New motherboard and case installed!

  1. Hee hee. Poor, poor fan. May its soul, and the souls of all the faithfully departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. ;-)

    Pretty sweet about the computer. Nice that things are finally sorting themselves out. It’s been almost a month!

    (I want an iBook. Anybody want to contribute to the “get Andy an iBook because he really really wants one” fund?)

    I think my processor usually runs in the low 40s too. I can’t check that right now though. It’s duct taped in a box upstairs for the month. My parents’ computer really needs more memory. Or maybe I just shouldn’t open 15-20 web sites at a time…

    (I want an iBook)

  2. I’ve let the “magic smoke” out of electronics equipment before. It’s amazing how they all need that smoke to work properly. Alas! I’ll try not to let it out of any more :-)

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