Busy weekend

Lorne and Carolline Stang
Bones for the Bunnock Championship
Whew. Busy (but very good) weekend.

On Friday we had the wedding of Lorne and Carolline, who were on the CCO Impact 2004 mission in Halifax. It was a very nice wedding and it turned out to be a mini CCO reunion, right here in Macklin, SK.

Then, later this weekend we had the 13th Annual World Bunnock Championship. Immediately following the wedding on Friday, Fr. David, myself, 2 of the Sisters of St. Elizabeth, and one of the girls from the high school dressed up in old vestments / habits for the church’s float. I was in a cassock, surplice, and an old, black dalmatic. Even though deacons typically don’t wear a beretta, I put one on because it was freaking hot out. We cooked, but the float was fun. Throwing candy (and using a slingshot to shoot it further) was fun, too.

Saturday, we started the actual bunnock tournament. It is somewhat difficult to describe the game — it involves throwing horse anklebones to knock down bones arranged in a row on the ground. It’s a team game, with four players per team. The nice thing about the game is that you can have all ages and athletic abilities playing, making it great for families. I’m definitely going to have to try to make it back next summer!

I took some photos during the tournament. Check them out here.

5 thoughts on “Busy weekend

  1. Looks like it was fun! What were those pictures with the two people on the roof – attaching an alien invader signaller? I’ve heard those come in handy, but I’ve never actually seen one. :D

    So these were -World- Championships, hey? Were you on a team? Musta been some pretty steep competition. Looks like a huge…er..playing area. Lots of dust.


  2. I was on a team with some local people. We won 2 and lost 5, so we were well out of the running for money / prizes. But it was fun. And freaking hot.

    The 220V power line that supplies the site ripped away from the top of the food building. Fortunately, it was the opening ceremonies and there weren’t a whole lot of people around, or the line swinging along the ground could have shocked someone. Unfortunately, it was the opening ceremonies and the PA system was without power. We were also fortunate to have an electrician and a SaskPower lineman in attendance (that’s who is on the roof of the building, patching the line). I’m amazed they can do that safely with a live wire.

  3. Actually any deacon can wear a biretta (notice spelling), in fact a seminairian is permitted to wear one.

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