Whoo! I finished a paper!

Yup, my Christology paper was handed in yesterday afternoon… 17 pages about how and why the Cross of Christ is salvific. Now to get onto my last paper of the semester for Johannine literature (the Gospel of John, the letters of John, and the book of Revelation). I think I’ll likely do it on 15:1-17 – the vine and the branches discourse.

So… how is everyone?

The gift of the Cross of Christ has, as its central mystery, the incredible idea that God would give himself totally to the world, according to a divine plan, to redeem a world of sinful people by taking on their sin and its consequences and triumphing over it through love. It is a stirring story of relationship offered, rejected, and offered in a new and better way to a free humanity who had been created in love to receive love, but which had abused their freedom. In this gift of the Cross, Christ Jesus lovingly and obediently followed the will of his Father, which is what humanity did not do, and offers each human person the gift of entering into a true communion of love with the Trinity. The debt of love-receptivity was expiated and the salvific work of Christ, which is not fixed in one moment of human time, is an ongoing, Eucharistic event which is at the heart of the mission of the Church.

2 thoughts on “Whoo! I finished a paper!

  1. Wow! Coincidentally, I just finished and handed in a paper on the same topic on Thursday. Similar length too! It’s as if we’re in the same class or something.

  2. Comma splices, run-on sentences, etc. etc. etc.
    It’s a wonder you haven’t been thrown out yet.
    hee hee

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