Pilgrimage is cancelled

This is just a quick note; I’ll write more later. Last night a hail storm caused major damage at the Holy Rosary shrine and church near Reward. As a result, the pilgrimage this weekend has been cancelled.

The place is a real mess… windows are all smashed on the West side, trees are stripped, statues are wrecked (amazingly, except for the one standing out in the open in the grotto!).

Check out the photos: http://www.darryldot.org/reward

If you would like any of the high-res versions of these photos sent to you, please send me a email. The photos each have a number just above the photo (eg. 100_0635), so if you send which number(s) you’d like, I can quickly send the larger version from my camera out to you.

5 thoughts on “Pilgrimage is cancelled

  1. Ooh. Looks nasty. The decapitated St. Joseph looks bad, though I imagine a lot of the other damage is much worse.

    Really puts my frustrations with UPS into perspective. (Grrr… UPS)

  2. UPS still hasn’t gotten your stuff to you?! What the crap? Canada Post just delivered mine today to Macklin. I ordered it last Saturday… so it only took 4 business days. The strange thing is that the online parcel tracking thingamagig still thinks it’s in Vancouver.

  3. Woo hoo! UPS isn’t quite the completely and utterly incompetent business I took them for! Mostly, but they did finally get it delivered. I mean, sure, I could have biked to BC in less time than it took them to deliver, but at least it arrived (and in good condition!)

  4. Wow – a picture really is worth a thousand words.
    Have a good week-end. If you are planning on having a campfire sometime in the near future, I know where you can get alot of “kindling” to use – it comes in a nice ivory color!!

  5. Heehee. Yeah… the storm came *after* we printed, stapled, and folded 500 8 page booklets that had a nice, ivory colour.

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