Computer Problems 2.0

I’ve just upgraded to WordPress to correct another security issue. It is a bit of a pain having to do these upgrades… but I’ll take that any day over the crazy spam problems I had with Movable Type!

Unfortunately, I am making this entry from my laptop. My computer froze hard three times over the course of a few hours. Each time, the /var/log/messages file contained some information about the second IDE port failing. When I rebooted, the CD-ROM drives (which are on the second IDE port) weren’t found by the BIOS.

When I take this along with the previous problems of the PS/2, USB, and LAN ports that randomly quit, I think it’s time for a new mainboard.

Socket A mainboards in the larger ATX size seem to be slightly out of date and weren’t as available as mainboards in the smaller, microATX form factor. I’ve also wanted USB ports on the front of the computer for some time, since it can be a pain to dig around behind the machine to plug in things like my digital camera. So, I elected to order both a microATX minitower case and a corresponding mainboard from Hopefully they’ll arrive soon so I can get back to using my main machine!

10 thoughts on “Computer Problems 2.0

  1. I want an iBook. I’ve been thinking of writing an ode to the ibook on my site. I really really want one.

    And speaking of computer problems, I discovered again yesterday that spilling coffee in my keyboard is not a good thing.

  2. Yeah… I was really tempted to get myself a Mac Mini. With the student discount and the added features I would have wanted, it would have been between $700 and $800. I just couldn’t justify it, especially when a $60 mainboard (+ $50 case) will get me up and running again. The shipping was expensive though! Yet, even with that, was cheaper than the sites of any of the major retail stores I went to.

  3. Well, seeing as my thumb was pretty much healed, apparently I figured it was time for another injury. This time I elected to simply crush my finger in the church door…

    So far, at least, it looks like the nail won’t be falling off. I guess that’s a plus.

  4. Finger update (because I just know it’s on everyone’s mind…): Apparently putting ice on it immediately helped a lot. The swelling is almost gone and it only hurts a teeny bit (unless I squeeze it somewhat firmly – why do I keep trying that?).

  5. New computer parts are good. I like getting them. I hope yours comes soon… at least you have a laptop!

  6. Hey Nicole! Yay! I just got the email from NCIX saying that they shipped my stuff. It looks like it’ll come in 2 packages. The mainboard box shouldn’t be too big… but the case will come in a much larger box.

  7. Wow! This has got to be the single most comments I have seen on one of your posts! I attribute it solely to excitement over your new computer parts – which somehow indirectly MUST have caused Andy’s finger failure. Hope you enjoy the new board. You should test it with a new processor…hehe. Ok, maybe it’s not good to go over ‘board’ with purchases. God bless!

  8. Hey Travis! Heehee. Yeah… I will be quite happy to get my computer up and running again.

    Oooh — I wonder if we can make the comments go into the double digits on this one?

  9. Travis, that was an absolutely terrible pun. Oi! :-)

    My stuff from NCIX was supposed to arrive last Tuesday, but UPS seems to be having difficulty figuring out how to get to our office or something. I don’t know why. Maybe they’re having difficulty figuring out the door system. We have one of those fancy doors that needs to be “pulled”, not pushed. Difficult concept, I know, but I remain hopeful they will figure it out!

    Tenth post!

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