Random photos

Every parish should have at least 3 photocopiers.

Presenting... the 2005 Macklin Graduates!

Jewel - she runs St. Mary's Parish

1. Every parish should have at least three photocopiers. (The one on the left is new, and the other two older copiers have since gone to their eternal reward.)

2. Congratulations to the 2005 Macklin Graduates! We had a fun celebration on Friday, June 24… and maybe a bit into the morning of June 25. :-)

3. This is Jewel, Fr. D’s Quaker parrot. She’s definitely the boss around here…

6 thoughts on “Random photos

  1. So, if ever you think “Hey, I bet it’d be fun to pour coffee in my keyboard!”, think again. It really messed things up so I couldn’t shut down, and then when I just yanked the keyboard and washed it in the tub it took forever to dry. Now the keys feel stiff. It’s just not as smooth as it used to be. :-(

    And some advice from my brother: “DON’T WASH IT WITH A PRESSURE HOSE! … it only makes things worse”

    On the plus side, I had some nice time for reading last night. Not much else to do…

  2. Ooh. Nasty. Yeah, that doesn’t sound fun. At all.

    In other news, I think I fixed the problem with the stylesheet that was causing the comments on this entry to be messed up. There were more photos than text, so the script wasn’t properly aligning the “This entry was posted . . .” stuff (and everything below it). The fix was to simply add a “clear: both” to the appropriate section of the stylesheet. Actually, I wasn’t sure if anything else used the old “style3”, so I created a “style4” and put the “clear: both” in that style.

  3. Sweet. Yeah, I noticed it was a little messed up before. A “clear: left” would probably also do it for you.

    That bird looks like it’s eying you.

  4. Hey, so the bird is pretty cool. But the copiers! Wow! Now thats a picture… who-ee. yah.

    And how about them Riders! Stompin the Bombers!

    Travis out.

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