Rev. Mr. Marc Cramer - newly ordainedCongrats, Marc, on your ordination to the deaconate!

I was in Edmonton on Sunday for the ordination. It was fun… though tiring. 4 hours of driving and late games of Star Wars Monopoly will do that to you…

Then, on Monday, Souk received the ministries of lector and acolyte. That was fun, too – and I got to play music for it. Mikedor called me over about 10 minutes before the Mass was to start and… we sorta winged it. It worked out ok.

Gary wanted photos from our supper at Kelsey’s just before the ordination. So, Gary, here you go. It’s a nice photo, eh? :-)

Unfortunately, I didn’t get too many of the ordination since I was running a nice video camera with a very shaky tripod. It wasn’t my best work, by *far*.

Anyway. It’s bed time. Keep your stick on the ice!
Rev. Mr. Gary Lee

3 thoughts on “Ordination

  1. Nice. Too bad I had to miss it. As you know, we had our parish’s 100th Anniversary celebrations this weekend. That was nuts, but it all went well. Nothing exploded, and only 1 person passed out during our outdoor Mass. Nothing really went perfectly smooth either, but that seems to come rather naturally.

    And now I’ve got me a bishop too! That was insanely hot. Hottest freakin’ day of the summer so far. Apparently the overflow seating in the basement was air conditioned.

    Ooh, someone just brought us some leftover sandwiches from a funeral lunch. Mmm…. I like food…

    So, anyway, the basement was nice and cool, but upstairs was definitely not. I was sweating pretty nastily by the end of the opening hymn. It went downhill from there. But it all went well (though hot!!!) and now I’m not bishopless, so that’s good.

  2. Very nice pics Darryl! I should have my ordination pics up on my site soon. I confess, I’ve been lazy though. And it’s been so dang hot eh? I don’t really feel like doing too much. Anyways, its bed time. Keep the football in your hands!

  3. Woohoo! Regina has a new bishop. :-) Yeah, it’s been hot and muggy for the past couple of days… except today (it’s raining). I think I’ll be working at the air conditioned rectory for the next few days, anyway. That is very nice.

    Hey Travis, glad you liked them. I must confess, though – that photo of Gary is slightly altered. There was another blurry head that got into the top right corner, so I had to paint that out. Fortunately, it looks pretty good in the low-res version on my web site. The high res version… well, it’s probably passable if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Gotta love free software like The GIMP!

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