Computer Problems

I think that the mainboard in my desktop computer is starting to die. Yesterday, the PS/2 ports for the mouse and keyboard were causing problems and responding intermittently. Then all four USB ports stopped working. A couple of months ago, the onboard LAN stopped working for a few days as well. These problems were not limited to the operating system, either. The network problems were present in Windows and Linux, and one of my USB devices was unable to get any power from the ports. So, yeah, something is up. Fortunately, I have my Thinkpad to work on if this computer craps out completely (it is working again… for now).

Time for a mainboard upgrade… or maybe something a bit different?

4 thoughts on “Computer Problems

  1. You know my vote :-)

    (One thing to keep in mind: I don’t think the Mini has an audio input jack for a microphone.)

    (but it does play StarCraft :-)

    (I want an iBook)

  2. Yeah… and it only has 2 USB ports. So I’d have to get a port replicator or something.

    An iBook would be nice :-)

  3. Sooo, I have some pictures up of my friend Kristy’s kid, Duncan, and I really think you should see how cute he is! Erm, that’s about it, really.


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