KDE 3.4 and Ubi Caritas

I found a fixed Kopete package on a nifty SUSE hobbiest’s site. However, it was for KDE 3.4 and I was using 3.3.2a. So, I decided to do some updating on my computer. The YaST tool in SUSE handled it very well, actually. I added a couple of ftp sources to the list, fixed a couple of minor dependency issues, and then it went to town. About 30 minutes and 400+ megabytes later, I had the newest KDE installed! It’s pretty nice. I don’t notice too many differences from before, although the new RSS reader, akregator, is nifty. Now I can keep track of everyone’s blogs without having to check their sites manually!

And, best of all, the new Kopete works! It’s so much better than Gaim. :-)

On a completely different note, the CD and music (SATB + instrumental) for Bob Hurd‘s Ubi Caritas Mass came in yesterday. It’s a nice, mostly choral Mass setting and collection of liturgical songs. I especially like the Gloria. It has a catchy Latin refrain and chanted English verses. We also used the intercession prayer setting here for a solemn vespers back in December; it’s also very nice and again splits Latin and English. And so on… it’s a very well recorded CD and some great liturgical music. I’m quite happy with it, anyway. Maybe we’ll be able to use some of it at the seminary?

6 thoughts on “KDE 3.4 and Ubi Caritas

  1. Keep dreaming, there. Gaim is where it’s at.

    So, do you think it’s a sign I need to get out more when I see Bob Hurd’s name and the only thing that comes to mind is “Ooh! The Debian team managed to get both KDE and GNOME running on the HURD recently! That is too cool!”

    (Somehow I think Darryl and I may be the only ones understand that statement.)

  2. And that last statement would probably make even more sense if I included all the words. Um, insert “to” or “who” before “understand”. It’s much better that way.

  3. Hee hee. Well… there _is_ the Free Software Song, although I don’t think he composed it. :-)

  4. I just have to say that I cannot make head nor tail of this gibberish. That said I’m sure what is going on here must be very interesting and useful. And I thought the song was pretty good! Hope you all are having a good summer. Andy, I drove through Yorkton twice (once on the way to Winnepeg and once back) and if I would have been more on the ball I would have dropped in to say hi. Keep up the good work on the page Darryl, whatever it is… um…that is done here… or something.

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