Woah. Maybe I should update this more often.

So, uh, yeah. For all of you who read this site, I really should update this more often. Actually, that’s a good question. Is anyone actually reading this? Please post below or email me if you are.

Anyway, I have a number of projects on the go at the moment. In addition to the regular weekly assignments for metaphysics (now we are talking about evolution and metaphyics), I am working on a Christology term paper (“How and why the Cross of Christ is salvific”) and a reflection for preaching class (the Feast of Christ the King). I’m also helping to plan the Nov. 23 Life Night for the Holy Family Parish Life Teen. And other things… today Nicole De Roo and I noticed that the Soul Snack website wasn’t working, so I did some sshing to try to figure it out. A trouble ticket was issued, so we’ll see where that goes. I’m also getting ready for a seminary liturgy committee meeting… speaking of which, I have some photocopying to do. TTYL!

9 thoughts on “Woah. Maybe I should update this more often.

  1. I’m thoroughly impressed by the degree of discussion, and the depth to which the comments are going on this site. I do believe this is the first post with more than nine words in it, and I feel very privileged to be the one to do it. Perhaps we should add a 50/50 draw or something to get things rolling on this site a little better, or add a picture of the really cool youth minister from Holy Family- that always seems to draw a lot of hits. He certainly is the most humble guy I know.

  2. Wow, Daryl, aren’t you impressed that I came to this website. Unfortunately I don’t have much to say. Writer block I guess. Take care

  3. Wow. My name got mentioned on darryldot.org. Should I be impressed? ;-)

    I’m reading this site too!

  4. Darryl!
    I think you have too much time on your hands, haha! Woohoo, I’ll get my name on here too!
    Your little sis ELAINE
    ps. Everyone, Dec.13 is Darryl’s birthday!! He’ll be 26!

  5. To all of Darryl’s loyal readers…
    I know he portrays himself as “Darryl the great” on this website; however, if you want to learn some embarrassing things about Darryl that you’d never find out on this website then just email danny@hockeymail.com

    Actually, I hate to admit it but this website is a lot better than mine. But not for long though.
    To work I go…..

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