I’ve had a nice past few days here.* The latest lay formation / pastoral centre weekend was very good but also very busy. Fortunately, I actually slept well at Queen’s House, which has normally been a bit of a struggle. Maybe I’m getting spoiled by the nice double bed here in Macklin…

On Saturday evening, we had a night of Taizé prayer. It comes from an interdenominational community in France, and it basically involves chanting phrases from Scripture. If you’ve ever heard the chant “Jesus, remember me / when you come into your kingdom / Jesus, remember me / when you come into your kingdom,” then you’ve heard a Taizé chant. The “Ubi Caritas” in the Catholic Book of Worship III (I think it’s around #67) is also a Taizé chant. The room we were in had a large, wooden cross surrounded by votive candles to focus our attention. It was amazing how prayerful an experience it was to simply sing the Scriptures in that environment, or to just listen and let the Word of God effectively wash over me / us.

I should get going. Mass tomorrow morning (and I see that it’s being offered for a person I did the funeral prayers for back in October).

Until next time, keep your stick on the ice!

*(If you are reading this, Fr. David, I’ve been working and stuff this week! Honest! And stuff!)

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  1. Hey dude,
    Thanks for, er, ‘boldy’ going where no one’s gone before :D. I was excited to see you had visited and left a mark. And you have the honour of being first (obviously). I should give you a ribbon ;). Muchos thanks n’stuffs, Darryl. Don’t burn yourself out doing…’work’…this week.

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