DarrylDot.org has been updated!

So far, I’m liking WordPress. It’s a pretty slick and easy to use content management system. I may have found one bug though: I couldn’t figure out how to change the category of my About Me page, so for now it’s in a generic “Everything Else” category.

So… what do y’all think of the theme? I may change the top graphic. It’s been edited from the default SUSE Linux background wallpaper, but I think it makes my site look a little too Windows XP-ish. Eeeeewwwww……. ;)

Oh yeah – the first time you post something, you’ll need to wait until I approve the post. So don’t despair and stuff if your post doesn’t show up right away.

Added 2005-02-21 @ 20:27:33: I’ve just added a simple favicon.ico! If your web browser supports it (Firefox, Konqueror, Safari, Opera, and others), you should see a small “d.” icon in your address bar.
Added 2005-02-22 @ 00:20:10: You should now be able to log in and post comments. I will probably have to approve your first comment before everyone else can see it.

6 thoughts on “DarrylDot.org has been updated!

  1. Hi everyone! This is just a test comment to make sure that comments are working. Please let me know what you think of this site! Note that I will need to approve your first comment before it appears on the page – after that, though, you should be able to comment freely. It’s a necessary evil because my last site kept getting hit by spammers.

  2. Hey Darryl, I’m liking the new look… it is a little Windows XPish, but that wasn’t the first thing that came to mind… the view actually reminds me of the open skies and rolling hills in the Unity/Macklin area :-)

  3. Nice Webpage Darryl. Rider’s lost Henry Burris to Calgary, other than that things are going well. I like the hills, they look really hilly and sorta rainy but also sunny. Keep up the good work. Is this webpage a blog? I’ve never blogged before.
    ps, Jose Theodore is playing in Sweden and his team is #1.

  4. Hey David. Yeah… Smilin’ Hank is gone. I wonder if they will go after Khari Jones. He did win the MVP a couple of years ago, so you never know. And even if they don’t the one year we had with Nealon we still ended up 11-7 for the season.

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