Is This Thing On?

(The Recording page has *finally* been updated!)

Over the past few years my family has written and recorded a number of songs. I decided to take the best ones so far and put them into a little album on my iTunes playlist. I’m happy to share the tracks with you!

Note: all of these tracks are still a work in progress. They may be updated at various times.

Check Check Is This Thing On?

Track List

  • 01: Happy Sunday
  • 02: Our Song
  • 03: Mirror of Eternity
  • 04: Pirates
  • 05: Rockem Sockem Hockey
  • 06: You Are
  • 07: Millette Guitar Concerto (Updated February 12, 2010
  • 08: About a Time
  • 09: Summer Vacation
  • 10: Not Gonna Sing

  • In these tracks you can also hear the evolution of my attempts at drum recording. About a Time, Pirates, and You Are include drums recorded in a very basic way, and then augmented with samples. This involved a very tedious process of manually creating the MIDI data for each snare and bass drum hit. (Logic Pro 9 was not yet released, which has the capability of doing automated drum replacement.)

    In Mirror of Eternity I went the opposite direction, creating programmed drums and then augmenting them with some recorded hihats and cymbals.

    The drums for Rockem Sockem Hockey were recorded last summer, but before Stephen and I had properly tuned the snare drum. As a result, the quality isn’t as high as in more recent tracks. I hope to try some sample replacement on the snare drum soon.

    Our Song, Not Gonna Sing, and Millette Guitar Concerto are using recorded drums with no sample replacement. They turned out fairly well, I think! I still need to make a few adjustments (especially to MGC), but I think I’ve now got a good method for recording drums with my home made mics and the Shure SM-57 on the snare top.

    Happy Sunday and Summer Vacation are using purely programmed drums.

    What do you think? Any mixing or recording tips to pass along?

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    1. Downloaded! Looks like a nice little album. I like the album cover.

      (FYI: FM added a file bandwidth throttling dealie recently. If hosting all the songs ever causes problems using all your bandwidth, it might be helpful.)

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