Web page updates?!

Umm. So this is getting to be a bit of a familiar refrain, unfortunately. I’ve been pretty busy as of late and therefore have been unable to update my web page on a regular basis.

(If you’re reading this on Facebook and you’re wondering what I’m referring to, check here: http://www.darryldot.org.)

Anyway, I’m finally getting around to doing some updates! I’ve changed the theme to something called Lightword. I modified it slightly, but it seems to be a generally nice and simple theme. I’ve also been doing some general updates to the other pages on here.

In my rare free time, I have been busy with mixing some of the recordings we did last summer. I really, really need to give the Recording page a general overhaul… stay tuned for more in that department!

In other news, congratulations to David and Roxanne! Andrew Dominic was born on January 19, 2010. Here he is, at two days old.

Andrew Dominic Millette, two days old

And also: congratulations Andy and Jane! Spencer was born on February 1, 2010.

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