Music update

This is just a quick note. I’ve done a bit of additional mixing to the Mirror of Eternity song. It’s all very subtle but I’m hoping that the mix sounds a little bit clearer and that it translates better to more speaker systems.

Mirror of Eternity – version 3

(If you are interested in the dry, technical details, the changes mainly involve: level and compression adjustments, slight randomization on the bass and snare drum, and the use of a linear phase equalizer. I particularly think that the new equalizer makes the overall sound slightly clearer, as other equalizers can tend to phase shift the signal. Phase shift isn’t necessarily bad, mind you, but it does colour the sound and I didn’t like what it was doing to the mix. As for the compression changes, they make the apparent volume seem slightly lower than before but the dynamics are better preserved. I also made use of a free plugin that simulates some classic compressor circuits to colour the sound a bit. I like the way it helped liven up the mix.)