Yes, human beings have walked on the moon.

Monday, July 20, 2009 will be the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. It bugs me to no end that some people, rather than thinking rationally about the landings, choose instead to believe in some major government conspiracy using sound stages and elaborate visual effects (that would have been created without computers, yet). Keeping in mind that the Soviet Union (who tracked the entire flight) did not accuse the USA of any trickery, belief in such conspiracy theories seem bizarre at best.

Mythbusters has put together an excellent set of tests to see if the conspiracy theories have any value. The answer is, simply, no. I’ve embedded the Youtube videos below (and have linked to the Youtube pages in case the embedding doesn’t show up for you – the last one seems to have embedding disabled).

Enjoy! I especially like the moonwalk test that they did with a plane that simulates 1/6 earth gravity.

  • Photography myth part 1
  • Photography myth part 2
  • Moon walking (REALLY COOL!)
  • Footprint in a vacuum
  • The flag that waves?
  • The laser reflectors – best proof that yes, we’ve been there
  • 2 thoughts on “Yes, human beings have walked on the moon.

    1. I remember the 20th anniversary. We were driving to the Maritimes on a family vacation that summer. I listened to stuff about it on the radio that day, sitting in the back seat of the car. Long, long drive.

      I loved this line from the Footprint Hoax video:
      NASA Vacuum Tech: “Just be careful.”
      Narrator: “He’s obviously never seen the show before.”
      *cue crash/explosion montage*

      I did find that the second photo wasn’t as conclusive as they made it out. In the original the astronaut is really bright and the lander quite dim. In their reproduction, the lander is relatively brighter (compared with the original) and the astronaut relatively dimmer. He still stood out, but not as much as in the original. Anyway.

      Not many explosions in that episode, but the plane was cool :-)

    2. Heehee. Yeah. The Mythbusters like blowing stuff up. :-)

      That photo was a bit darker than the original, though I wonder how bright their spotlight was compared to the sun at that scale. I suspect it’s much less bright. The scale model might have thrown the results a bit, unless the grains of sand were at the same scale.

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