Go Flames!

Woohoo! The Calgary Flames won their first NHL playoff series in 15 years. They beat the Vancouver Canucks in a thrilling game 7 in overtime. Gelinas was the overtime hero, though Iginla and Kiprusoff played outstanding as well. I really liked how well they were forechecking. Great job!

Also, as of today I am done final exams! Woohoo! So. Should I play some Starcraft or sleep or … ?

(I do have internship workshops for the next couple of days, though.)

Until next time, keep fit and have fun!

2 thoughts on “Go Flames!

  1. Well, it`s amazing how different things could`ve been… didn`t NEED to be a `thrilling overtime victory…` `cause after all, Iginla MISSED an empty net with 10 seconds left, then tripped over his own stick… imagine if they would`ve lost. They`d be calling him scapegoat…

    (I guess I`m simply a disgruntled Oilers fan. If only…)

    Congrats on the freedom.

  2. Yeah.. that had me sweating… Actually, if Auld hasn’t been extremely lucky in his pokecheck on the Gelinas breakaway in the game 6 overtime, they wouldn’t have needed a game 7 at all.

    Oh well. The end result was great!!

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