The Didache

Hello everyone. Spring break ended a week ago and so I’ve been working on a history paper on the Didache, which is one of the oldest Christian writings we have (aside from Scripture). The site I linked to says it was written between 50 and 110AD, though there is considerable debate as to whether it was written later (some time between 120 and 150) instead. If you take a look at it, sections of the text bear close resemblance to sections of Matthew and Luke’s gospels, indicating that these parts may come from some other main source such as the Q Sayings of Jesus. In any case, it’s pretty interesting stuff and gives us a glimpse of the earliest Christian communities.

So, I’m off to see The Passion of the Christ tonight. Anyone else seen it?

One thought on “The Didache

  1. I beleive any website that says it was written between 50 and 100 AD cannot be taken seriously, as, despite what nerds like mywelf would like to believe, the closest thing they had to a website was deep in a forest, were lots of spider webs were. ;)

    God bless, every one a ya’

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