Changes and babies and stuff

I have a couple of major announcements to make!

1. Roxanne had the baby this morning. Her name is Claire Gabrielle and everyone is doing well!

2. In addition to being associate pastor at Holy Family, I have been named as priest chaplain at Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon. This is because the former chaplain, Fr. Keith Moreau, died a couple of weeks ago. Practically speaking, this’ll mean an extra Mass at the hospital on Sundays, going to the units on weekdays, and having the emergency pager. Should be interesting!

5 thoughts on “Changes and babies and stuff

  1. Congratulations Millettes! :-)

    Also to you Fr. Darryl… busy is good, busy is good… I keep telling myself that anyway…. ;-)

  2. Congratulations Millette Family! I take it you’ll be baptizing the new addition, right? ;-)

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