On Sept. 14, I joined a group of 45 people from the diocese of Saskatoon (mostly; there were a couple of other bishops & priests with us) on chartered flight to Yellowknife. We toured for a bit and attended the episcopal ordination of Most Rev. Murray Chatlain, co-adjutor bishop of the diocese of MacKenzie-Fort Smith. It was a very good day – and very long. We arrived at the Saskatoon airport at 6am and arrived back in the rectory the following 3am. Then, on Saturday I went to Macklin/Denzil/St. Donatus to say a few Masses and spend a few days visiting. I still need to work out a trip to Luseland…

I have some photos from the Yellowknife trip, and these can be found here:
Trip to Yellowknife

(yay for iPhoto/iWeb!)

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  1. Nice pics, Darryl!
    I can’t believe you STILL have the same alarm clock that you’ve had forever! (the Sask Power fluff-ball thing on it!).

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