Joe Job’d…

Nuts. It looks like the domain has been Joe jobbed. Someone has used the domain name in spoofed spam emails, so I’m now getting thousands of bounce back messages cluttering my inbox.


Over 2000 in less than 5 hours, and counting.


As a result, I’ve been forced to restrict my email settings. Only my darryl account will reach me.

10 thoughts on “Joe Job’d…

  1. Ouch. That’s worse than any joe job I’ve been hit with. I don’t think I’ve gone over about 200-300 bounce messages in a single spam run. Nasty.

    Is the spam filter at least catching them? I’ve been finding it pretty good at catching bounced spam lately. One or two get through, but the other 50-100 tend to get caught.

  2. Yeah, it caught most of them (about 2200, before I turned off the catch-all). But arriving home and finding 75 in my in box was still not fun.

    With the catch-all turned off, it’s pretty much stopped. Now the bouncers are themselves getting bounce messages…

  3. Man, that really sucks. Too bad Darryl :-(

    Will you be getting bounce back messages from the bouncers after that? ;-)

  4. heh… well, theoretically, their servers will be receiving the bounces and then will stop trying. Theoreticallym anyway… I don’t know if all servers are actually configured to the specification, unfortunately.

  5. Oi. 75’s still a lot. Not happy.

    I still maintain that spammers should be physically wounded. It’s the only way they’ll learn. :-)

  6. Yeah. Not happy. So. On a different note, looking forward to drinking wine with you once again in the near future! :)

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