Spring break!

Yay! I’ve been taking it easy the past few days, doing some updates to www.lifeteen.ws and changing the partitioning on my hard drive. Back when I wasn’t sure if I’d use Linux full time or not (over a year ago), I partitioned my hard drive so that Windows would get about 15 gigs of space. Well, now I rarely use Windows so that 15 gigs of space was mostly wasted. So, today I backed up everything and changed my drive around so that Windows only gets 2.5 gigs and Linux gets the rest (37.5 gigs). Much more breathing room now :-). I also changed my home directory (where all of my personal files are) to use the faster Reiser filesystem. I had tried getting my root partition (sort of analogous to the “Windows” and “Program Files” folders in Windows) to also use ReiserFS, but I messed something up and after mucking around for a while I decided it was best to just revert back to what it used before (ext3).

OK, enough technical mumbo-jumbo. Last Sunday was the “Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick” night at Life Teen. Andy and I gave talks on the sacrament. It was fun – and we got to play dodgeball. Woohoo! Now, after having taken it a bit easier the past few days (and cleaning my room! OK. You don’t need to look *that* surprised!), it’s time for me to get at some assignments.


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