Well… these have been an eventful past few weeks!

– Andy & Jane’s wedding was beautiful and it was an honour to be an official witness (aka best man). Congrats, you two!

– Congrats also to the people whose ordinations I’ve attended recently: Frs. Greg, Venerando, Rectorino, Andrew, Mario, and Irenaeus!

– And, finally – This past Friday, July 13, I was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Saskatoon! I am, uh, rather excited and stuff. :-D It’s actually pretty difficult to put into words… I had my first presided Mass today, after having concelebrated at my ordination and a Mass at Holy Family Parish on Saturday. I’m still absorbing it… and will be for some time I’m sure.

I hope to have some photos soonish of both the wedding and of my ordination.

3 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Congratulations Darryl! Or, should I say, Father Darryl! ;-)

    It was really wonderful to come up and see you become a priest forever in the line of Melchizedek. Your first Mass went really well too (and yes, I did try to get the indulgence). You are in my prayers.

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