Bought my first real six string…

…bought it at the L&M
haven’t played till my fingers bled,
It was the winter of zero-sev’n.

… With apologies to Bryan Adams.

Yeah, so I picked up a fairly cheap but reasonably ok beginner’s guitar today from Long & McQuade. Thanks to Andrew for helping me with this one! I like to periodically branch out into new things, and they often tend to do with music: piano, recording, and now another instrument. So here goes!

Also, I’ve been playing around on the web site lately. It’s a place for independent musicians/recording types to share their stuff and get tips, etc. Well, there was one guy on there who could sing but couldn’t play any instruments, and he posted that he’d be interested in collaborating on tunes. Then I thought to myself, well, I have a tune from David (About A Time) that needs vocal tracks. Good singer who wants to sing, this song needing a singer… good match, eh? :-)

So, I had some fun working with Ralph via email the past vew days. He came up with a interesting take on David’s song and recorded some vocals with … harmonies! I wouldn’t have thought of that, so it was pretty neat to hear it for the first time.

Here is the track for you: About A Time – K Car Mix

Enjoy – and let me know what you think!

Other than that, I’ve been pretty freaking busy with school work… I wrote something like 42 pages in the past week and a half or so. So, the music has been a nice diversion.

9 thoughts on “Bought my first real six string…

  1. Heehee. Yeah.

    (What’s also funny is if you Google for “answer to life the universe and everything”, you get the answer from the Google calculator.)

  2. Nicole: Well… I can play an E minor. And something that vaguely resembles a G and D and C, if I’m looking at the chord sheet. But I guess I’ve been playing for a total of a day and a half…

  3. I remember when I was in school all the music ed majors whose instrument was not guitar had to take a class called Fretts Tech. Basicly it was a begining guitar class geared towards having a very basic working knowledge of the instrument so you can teach it and/or use it in a classroom. Most students hated it only slightly less than Functional Keyboard (which means they hated it a lot). It’s harder to learn guitar than it is to learn piano. So why was Fretts Tech hated less than Functional Keyboard? Fretts Tech was only 1 semester and you spent half of it learning dulcimer. So you only deal with the guitar for half a semester. But you had to take Functional Keyboard for 4 semesters if you were an instrumentalist and 6 semesters if you were a vocalist.

    I was strictly a music performance major so I didn’t have to take Fretts Tech. However as a vocalist I did have to take 5 semesters of Functional Keyboard. :-P

  4. Guitar is actually harder than piano. I found piano to be hard. But I was forced to learn piano as an adult when I was majoring in music and not guitar. I know the music ed majors had to take guitar and they made that observation. That made me very disinclined to learn guitar.

  5. See, and I found basic guitar way easier… in a very short time you can learn enough to play some lovely music. Piano takes a lot longer, and a lot more work to sound credible.

    Darryl: good job! Do you think it’s easier or harder than piano?

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