I’m rather excited about this… :-)

With praise and thanksgiving to God,
the Diocese of Saskatoon
together with Gerald and Marceline Millette and Family
joyfully announce that

Darryl John Millette

will be ordained to the Order of Priest
through the laying on of hands and
the invocation of the Holy Spirit by

The Most Reverend Albert LeGatt,
Bishop of Saskatoon

on the thirteenth of July, two thousand and seven,
at seven thirty in the evening
at Holy Spirit Parish
in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Please remember Darryl in your prayers.

… and I have a ton of work to do before then.

14 thoughts on “Announcement

  1. Congratualtions! That is very exciting and official-like.

    You’re in our prayers as you finish your studies.

  2. WOOWOO!! yay Darryl! “rather excited” he says…
    So….you and Andy gonna rent that Wii to celebrate??

  3. Congratulations Darryl! I’ll be there for sure! I wanna be there for the Wii! God bless Darryl and I will be praying for you.

  4. The Nintendo Wii is their great new video game console. What makes it so interesting is that the controllers have motion sensors. So, for example, when you play tennis, you actually have to make the motion of swinging a racquet. It can be a fairly good workout, actually. Lots of fun, too!

  5. Oh yes, Lindsay got one for Christmas! The ridiculously expensive toy for grownup boys!!!! Gotcha!

  6. I realized today that I haven’t come by here to congratulate you yet. You’re in my prayers. And I’m keeping an eye on the wallet to see if maybe I can swing by. :-)

  7. Hurray! Big congratulations from Jeanne and myself! You are in our prayers! Hopefully we can be in Toontown for your ordination (neither Jeanne nor the grandparents need much excuse for organizing a weekend visit :)

    Anyway, take it easy on yourself Darryl, and send us an email sometime and let us know how you are doing :)

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