Good news, sad news, music, and tech support

A lot has happened in the past while.

The good: My sister-in-law is pregnant with their 2nd, and he/she is is due to arrive in September! :-)

The sad: As was posted on Jeffery’s blog, Joe Magel, the husband of Barb, our secretary, passed away suddenly on Monday. The prayers were Friday evening, with a number of us doing the music and other ministries, and the funeral was Saturday morning. Please pray for Joe and for the Magel family during this difficult time.

The music: I way playing around with some of the Apple loops that come with Logic Express and came up with this song today. I also mixed in some MIDI stuff I did with my keyboard. Enjoy!
Medieval (MP3)

The tech support:
Enjoy this one. :-)

Edit: Video is working again.

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