I had the chance to play a real game of hockey today for the first time in almost 2 years. It looks like I’ll be able to play for the rest of the season (about 1 game a week). It’s a team that features people such as Mikedor.

We lost today, unfortunately: 4-1. I did get the goal, though!

And now I am sore. If I’m a little slow tomorrow, you now know why.

4 thoughts on “Hockey’d!!

  1. Heehee. sounds like you had fun! Did I/Andy tell you we might be going to see an Anaheim/LA Kings while he’s here? Not sure…there were 8 free tickets available (from a friend) and they might have been gone before I asked for two…anyway. Go see a game before you’ve lost your chance too, man!

  2. I’m offended Darryl! Do you mean the Atkins Rink (or whatever that St. Albert rink was called) with seminarians and little kids was not a real game of hockey! *A single tear rolls down my cheek*
    Just kidding, glad you’re enjoying it. The closest I’m getting here at Shellbrook is flipping rink burgers at the canteen!

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