iPod Surgery

Problem: My original iPod Mini battery was not performing as well as it first did. This is partially due to my not really taking care of the battery… If you have a device that runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, it is a good idea to run it down all the way every month or so, especially if you don’t use it all that often. I didn’t do that, and as a result my old battery would lose 20% of its power just by having the device sit there for a day.

Solution: Go to batteryship.com and order a replacement battery for $10 USD (+$10 shipping). It’s also a higher capacity battery – 550mAh, versus 400mAh. The package came with some special tools for taking the iPod apart.

I performed the iPod surgery tonight. Here are the photos:

1. The top plate has been removed.
2. The bottom plate has been removed. There is another metal plate that needs to come off.
3. Metal plate has been removed!
4. The mainboard slides out…
5. The pieces that make up an iPod Mini.
6. The left battery is the new one.
7. The new battery has been installed! You can also see the 4GB Seagate hard drive.
8. The iPod is back together – and it works!

11 thoughts on “iPod Surgery

  1. Um Darryl? You have pics of your iPod AND battery posted!!!
    You are a sad strange little man… (as quoted by Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story)!

  2. The new battery is working quite well. I plugged it into some headphones and hit play just after lunch yesterday. It is now 9:30am, and the battery is finally about to die. So it’s lasted something on the order of 20 hours!

  3. Hey Darryl, pretty interesting for all those web searches who want to replace an Ipod battery. Not for me though, I’m sticking with the old school Compact Disc Player.

  4. Good job Darryl! You are like a Doctor . . . of electronics. Heck, maybe even some sort of Electronically minded Engineer! But who do I know. Im glad to hear it works gooder than before! Maybe I should order another, better, battery for my laptop . . .. Good luck on writing papers while listening to music!

  5. I want to get an iPod for our trip out east in May….. any ideas?? And I don’t want an iPod that requires surgery…. I’ll a heck of a time just getting music from my computer to an iPod in the first place!!!!

  6. Well, it depends on how many songs you want to be able to take with you, but an iPod is a pretty nice piece of hardware and it’s also easy to use.

    – If you want something that will hold about 240 songs but plays them totally at random (it has no screen), then the iPod Shuffle would work:

    However, if you want something with a screen that can let you choose what songs you want to play, there are a few more options:

    – The regular iPod is the most expensive one (starts at $300) but it can hold pretty much your entire music library and play videos.

    – The iPod Nano is probably your best bet. They can hold between 500 and 2000 songs (depending on which model you get) and get 24 hours of battery life on a single charge.

    The model of iPod that I have (the iPod Mini) is not manufactured any more. The closest thing to it now is the 4 GB iPod Nano. It holds about 1000 songs.

    You can buy any of these directly from Apple, or check out Compusmart, Future Shop, or any other electronics retailer.

  7. Hmmm thanks for the input! I’m definitely looking into it! Travis and I shopped around London Drugs and Staples today but there was certainly not much selection. My only main question would be…. what colour of iPod should I get?!
    Is it easier to order it online? How easy would it be for a computer-dummy like me to figure out how to put songs onto it?!

  8. It’s very easy to put songs on an iPod. You use iTunes to do it, which is a pretty good (and free) music program. Once you have your songs there, you can choose to synchronize your main playlist or smaller playlists to your iPod and it’ll take care of it automatically when you plug the iPod into the computer.

    You can try out iTunes now and use it even if you don’t have an iPod. Download it here: http://www.apple.com/ca/itunes/download/.

    Note that if you’ve already ripped your music from CDs using Windows Media Player, you may need to re-rip them using iTunes. But it’s pretty quick at doing that.

    It may be easier to order an iPod online with your credit card if you can’t find any in stores. I think if the order is over a certain amount, they ship it for free.

    As for colour… I have no idea. :-)

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