Welcome to 2007

I had a great break, having spent time in Regina, Saskatoon, and Nipawin. I’m now back in the seminary in Edmonton for our opening retreat. I’m also waiting for DHL to ship me my new laptop battery from Apple. The old one is not being recognized by my MacBook and so Apple shipped a new one to me. Now I’m waiting for DHL to get it from their warehouse in Edmonton to the seminary… which is a trip that has taken over a week and two unsuccessful delivery attempts (to who knows where – it certainly wasn’t to this place, as both attempts occurred during business hours here). I also had fun on the phone talking to different people who realized that I needed to talk to DHL International (where I had to explain to the customer service rep. that Alberta is not anywhere near Quebec), or to DHL B.C., or finally to DHL Edmonton, where the agent couldn’t figure out why the driver wasn’t able to deliver the package.

Anyway, it’s all been a tad bit frustrating.

In better news, we did some quick recordings at home. Enjoy!

  • The Millette Guitar Concerto – I really didn’t have a better name for this. Danny played the cool bass riff and David then played several other guitar tracks. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to record some drums and so what you hear are programmed drums.
  • Marie’s Song – This is a simple, live recording of part of one of our jam sessions.
  • What Child Is This? – Another simple, live recording of this Christmas hymn.

    I also fixed a few minor issues in About A Time. Check it out here.

    Merry Christmas and happy new year!

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    1. Yes! Merry Christmas indeed!!! So, stuff. Sounds like your DHL people are similar to Verizon and their misunderstanding about 0.002 dollars != 0.002 cents dealie. Freaks. They’re all freaks. Or summat like that.

      Anyway, how’s school? Looking forward to your classes? ooh, hey, did Andy finally give you your Christmas card from us? I can’t remember if he said he put it in your box or not…

      Well, hope you have a lovely feast this weekend! Peace.

    2. Ooh. I’ll have to check out those songs. It’s like music to my ears!

      Jane: Of course I did, oh ye of little faith! (Just not until he’d left for Christmas….)

    3. I think my package has actually, finally been sent! Sigh. So, OK… I received the battery last Friday (8 days after the thing arrived in Edmonton!). Inside was the new battery and instructions for returning the old one.

      Canadian customers were directed to call Purolator. Use the following number: 1-800-7425-UPS. Umm…

      So I called the number (which, as you probably guessed, is for UPS, not Purolator). The person on the other end said she needed an account number for Apple to have them pay for the shipping, so I called Apple to find out what I was supposed to do. The person from Apple was surprised by the information on the sheet of paper (about Purolator / UPS) and said to go through DHL.

      Because DHL had so much trouble finding an address alongside a major road in Edmonton, I figured I may as well just go down to the warehouse on my own. The person there looked at the package and said that the label wasn’t for them; I need to talk to another courier such as UPS or Purolator.


      Yesterday I was able to go down to the Purolator drop-off at Staples and they accepted the package. Yay! And silly Apple… I made a note of how confusing this all was in the package, so hopefully they see that.

      Jane: Classes look to be interesting. Yesterday I had Pentateuch and, because Dr. Nolan is leaving for a few weeks at the end of March, we are doing a class presentation rather than a term paper. It’ll probably involve similar amounts of work, but it’s different and so that should be neat.

    4. whoa. what a ride with Apple. jerks. that wasn’t a fun roller coaster. sounds like your class should be interesting…it’s a creative way of doing things. what are your other classes? you’ve got the reconciliation and sacrament of the sick one…what else?

    5. Ooh. Yeah. I have spiritual direction on Wednesdays (except for tomorrow because classes are cancelled due to an impending blizzard), and married love & sexuality and marriage & canon law on Thursdays. So Thursday is my long day (including 2 hours of reconciliation & pastoral care). But otherwise, it’s not too bad.

    6. Yup!

      Although, interestingly, it doesn’t seem that the snow was as bad as the forecast was predicting. Oh well. :-)

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