It’s amazing how time flies. Oct. 20 (previous post) doesn’t seem all that long ago.

Since then… life has been busy, as per usual:

  • I’m currently fighting off something or other that’s kept me largely out of commission the past couple of days (flu? dunno. < fun, anyway).
  • I’ve also been busy writing papers (again, what else is new? :-) ). My current paper is examining issues to do with tube feeding. Interesting stuff…
  • The Riders lost in the Western Final to the B.C. lions (I will refrain here from making an obvious dig about the Eskimos). Riders 2007!! Wooooooooooo!!!
    Hey, what can I say? Hope springs eternal in Saskatchewan.
  • Andy and Jane have their new wedding site up. I’m very much looking forward to the wedding on June 30, 2007!
  • I’ve just upgraded WordPress (the software that runs D.) to the latest version.
  • And, finally, it doesn’t seem right that I should end a blog entry without some sort of music or video. So, here’s a really nice home recording of a classical piece that was created by one of the regular posters on the Yahoo micbuilders discussion group. Enjoy!
  • 4 thoughts on “Happenings

    1. GO ESKIMOS! woowoo! yeah. i think i’m deprived of Canadianisms if i’m turning to football. oh dear. what has my world come to?

      and yeah, that wedding thing sounds pretty cool. June 30th, eh?

    2. Go figure that the two getting married would be looking forward to June 30th. :)

      So if the Saskatchewan Roughriders represent the theological virtue of Hope, I guess that means that the Edmonton Eskimos represent the virtue of Faith, right? Well there were faithful for 34 years until this season.

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