9 thoughts on “Fraggle Rock!

  1. Fraggle Rock’d?! Sounds funky. I know Andy’s always talking about that show (like, whenever I mention the Muppets, he goes on about Fraggle Rock).

  2. “Dance your cares away! Worry’s for another day! Let the music play down at Fraggle Rock!”

    Almost as good a Ducktales (“Woo-oo!”) :-)

  3. Interesting… I didn’t know that Fraggle Rock was popular enough to make it CNN level news :-) I have vague memories, but I may have been just a little too young to appreciate it as much when it was on tv. Should be interesting to see where they go with the idea!

  4. Oh dear. I was watching Andy watch the video (over the webcam), and he was dancing and clapping to it. What have you done, Darryl?

  5. I don’t know about you guys, but here in the States Fraggle Rock was only on HBO. In fact, if my dad hadn’t pirated HBO throughout the early to mid 80’s, I’d have missed Fraggle Rock entirely. Aside from the moral implications of pirating cable, I’m glad he did it. *Sigh* Boy that clip sure brings back memories.

  6. Sorry, Jane, but I have to admit , that clip was way exciting for me, as well. Ah…the 80’s. It wasn’t all bad! Thanks for the flashback Darryl and “HI!”

  7. Andy wasn’t the only one dancing to that clip. :) Wow what a strool down memory lane.

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