My room is semi-clean!

Wow. I need to vacuum but my room is actually fairly organized at the moment. And that is totally unrelated to the fact that my vocations director was here this week (Hi Fr. Hans!). I’m also trying out some financial software for Linux. KMyMoney2 is a KDE program for balancing chequebooks. It’s only at version 0.6rc1, but it is fairly stable and does just about everything I need it to do. The only thing that would be handy (and it’s being worked on for a future release) is the ability to create recurring, automatic transactions. Yeah, yeah, for you Gnomers out there :-), I had contemplated GnuCash, but I would have been required to install pretty much all of Gnome to get it running.

(If you are reading this and thinking to yourself, “Huh?!”, don’t worry. The Gnome – KDE thing is a Linux debate that’s as old as the dawn of time. Or the late-1990’s. One of the two. :-)

Oooh… I also got SuperKaramba running with some cool applets on my desktop. Check out this screenshot (click to enlarge):

The top-right button bar is in the style of the nifty Apple Mac OS X. It doesn’t work quite as smoothly, though. The weather applet is great and gives a 5 day forecast by downloading the latest data from

Anyway. That’s enough stuff for today. TTYL!

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