Visit from Cardinal Ouellet

On Friday, September 8, the seminary had a visit from a former rector, Marc Cardinal Ouellet. Cardinal Ouellet, who is the Archbishop of Quebec (and thus the primate of Canada), was rector in the mid-1990s. We had Mass, a banquet, and then a special Q&A session with the seminary community.

The music from the Mass was amazing. Trumpets, organ, piano, and severa voices singing in multipart harmony. We set up Andrew’s camcorder to capture the video and sound. Unfortunately, the tape ran out part way through the second communion hymn, so we didn’t quite get the whole Mass. But the sound turned out not too bad for a camera set up on the balcony. There is some noise from the fans and occasionally the trumpets overwhelmed the camera’s stereo mic, but I present the MP3 files below:

1. Entrance: Praise the Lord with the Sound of Trumpet – The trumpets were on the balcony for this one, so they do overwhelm the mic in a few places.
2. Kyrie
3. Gloria
4. Psalm – This beautiful, a cappella setting was arranged by Geoffrey Angeles.
5. Gospel Acclamation – Haunting harmonies on this one.
6. Offertory: from the Rangueil Mass – My favorite recording from Friday. Beautiful, a cappella hymn.
7. Preface / Sanctus
8. Memorial Acclamation
9. Amen
10. Communion hymn: Gather Us Together

Below are a few photos from the evening:
The deacons and the cardinal

Marc Cardinal Ouellet

Me at Mass - the priests have all gone up to the sanctuary.

3 thoughts on “Visit from Cardinal Ouellet

  1. Hey Darryl,
    jeez, there’s a lack of enthusiasm with the blogs! I heard you were playing around with the podium in the chapel and got some better results from the sound.

    Those sound pretty sweet, btw. I actually listened! I’m proud of myself that I got around to doing that.

    At any rate, hope you’re well!

  2. (the lack of enthusiasm was a comment about the lack of comments, just for clarification. I read that and thought, oh crap, that’s not what i meant!)

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