New email address

I have a new email address. Actually, it’s always been there, but now I’m making it public for those who want to email me:

darryl at

If spammers pick it up, then I hope Gmail’s spam filtering is as good as’s was. :-)

This will forward to my Gmail account (at the moment). The nice thing about using the domain name is that if gmail ever went down (which would be amazing in itself), I could theoretically forward mail someplace else.

Unfortunately, my old emails and address book are on my account. So, until comes back on, I have no access to my old emails and addresses, except for the few that are on my Palm.


2 thoughts on “New email address

  1. Whoa. That’s some serious business. I mean, changing your email? I mean, that’s going a little far, isn’t it? I dunno, Darryl…I’m gonna need some time to adjust to this new fangled email change business ;).

  2. Whoa. This is a very old post. C’mon, give us an update! Pleeeeeease? And where are all the other ‘regulars’? Just because school starts….

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