Vacation 2006 – update

Tomorrow morning (Saturday), I’m moving back up to Edmonton for another year at St. Joseph Seminary. I’ve had a good holiday these past two weeks, as well! I was in Regina for a few days, visiting Chad and Doug and their families (see the photo below of them at the minigolf course). After a couple of days back in Saskatoon, I was off to Biggar to officiate at a wedding before heading up to Nipawin for a week.

* * *

While there, we recorded another tune. This one turned out quite well, I think. Click here for an mp3 of the song (256 kbit). More enhancements will likely come.

Technical details:

– Everything was recorded with my M-Audio Fastrack Pro USB interface plugged into my MacBook. The software I used was Logic Express.
– I used my new, homemade mic for David’s acoustic guitar. I also used it on the side of the tom toms for the drums.
– The electric guitars were played through David’s amp and mic’d with the SM57
– There is a real bass guitar on this track! I took the line out from the amp straight into the mixer.
– I mic’d the snare drum with my SM57 and I’m quite happy with the result. Unfortunately the snare needs to be tuned… it rings badly unless we put a weight on it, but then the sound is deadened a bit. But hey, we’re having fun even if the sound isn’t quite perfect! My homemade Panasonic capsule mics were used in the kick drum and on the hihat side. I was having some phase problems with this arrangement; it took a bit of time to figure out a decent arrangement for the two side mics.
– A MIDI piano and strings round out the track.
– Also, a couple of the vocal samples that come with Logic Express were in the right key, so I threw them in near the end. I may remove them in the future… I dunno. What do you think?

See you in Edmonton!