Retreat is done but love unfailing dwells ever here…

(If you are wondering what this title is referring to, check out #661 in the CBWIII. That’s the best I could come up with. It’s late.)

Anyway. :-)

Yup, the second semester retreat here at the sem. was this weekend. Archbishop Goulet from St. Boniface, Manitoba gave us a lot of food for thought. Personally, the most memorable line came in the first conference — it went something like this: We cannot expect to do the work of Christ if we ourselves do not know him. Read the Gospels and there you will come to know better who he is.

I’m probably not quoting it right, but that, I hope, was kinda the gist of it.

On a more serious note, new bios for the Life Teen core team were just put up on I am now officially known as Darryl “the yellow dart” Millette! And, yes, the Protoss are a scourge that need to be taken out.

Time for bed…

7 thoughts on “Retreat is done but love unfailing dwells ever here…

  1. um… you guys ok? Maybe there is a cash reward for having the first post or something.

  2. Darryl, in your Life Teen bio pic you look like an MIB – defending the Church from the scum of hell! (I wish I could take credit for that line, but I stole it from an Envoy Magazine parody.)

  3. Hehe. Actually, that’s kinda what I was supposed to be. It was for an event where I played the part of a bouncer (’cause, you know, I’m so big and strong and stuff. Either that or I was a guy who already had a black suit and sunglasses).

    Have you checked out yet?

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