New iPad

So, back when the iPad was released in Canada near the end of May, I decided to go down to Future Shop to check one out in person. Of course, they had been sold out for a few hours by the time I got there. But I was able to check out a display model and found it to be a neat little device. Specifically, the iWork apps seemed to work fairly well – and what appealed to me most (besides the ultra-slick web browsing) was the possibility of syncing my documents to a very portable device. The iPad in the store worked very well. So I went home and after doing a bit more reading, I placed an order with Apple.

After a week, I got a note from Apple that my iPad would be shipping by June 18. Today, I checked out the Future Shop website and lo and behold, they had several in stock! So I cancelled my Apple order and bought one in store. It’s the 32GB wifi version.

So far, I’ve been impressed with the intuitive nature of the interface. I’ve been typing this entire blog entry on the new device. It’s not as easy as a regular keyboard… I’m finding my typing to be slower than on a normal keyboard. So I’m undecided about whether I’ll want a Bluetooth keyboard or not. But it works in a pinch for doing basic data entry. The Apple case I got is also great for holding it at a 30 degree angle for typing.

I haven’t had a chance to play around with it much more than that (I did pick up the iWork apps though). But hopefully this device continues to work well for my needs!